Restore Deleted Files
Restore files from hard drives, flash drives, SD cards, memory sticks!

Restore Deleted Files

Why it is possible to restore deleted files

If you delete files using the 'Delete' button and even empty the Recycle Bin or format your hard drive, Windows doesn't really delete files from your hard drive, removable disks, USB-flash drives, memory sticks, flash memory cards, picture cards, etc. This operation just removes the references to files but the files still exist as Windows doesn't immediately overwrite the space from the deleted files and it is possible to restore deleted files.
How to delete files permanently and delete deleted files

With restore deleted files software you can restore files deleted with or without the Recycle Bin, using the Shift+Delete combination or through the 'Delete' options in different programs.
You can select to restore deleted files on hard drives, flash drives, USB drives, memore sticks and SD drives.

Restore deleted files

How restore deleted files software works

First of all you should scan the selected drive for deleted files. It could be a hard drive, flash drive, memory stick or another storage device. The time of scanning depends on the hard drive size, the number of deleted files and some other conditions. Some restore files tools allow you to customize your search selecting quick or deep scan.
When the scan is completed, you will be presented with a list of deleted files. Some tools also show the 'chance of recovery' for each file. Now you should browse through the results and restore the necessary files.

Another important question is where to save restored files. Do not save restored files to the drive that contains the files you want to restore as it could overwrite the space holding the data you need to recover. You should select a different drive to save restored files (it could be an external drive, flash drive, etc).

How to restore deleted files from the Recycle Bin

When you delete files, Windows moves them to the Recycle Bin so you can restore them later if they were deleted by mistake.
To restore deleted files from the Recycle Bin, you should open the Recycle Bin by right-clicking on its desktop icon and click 'Restore all items'.
To restore individual files, select the file you need to restore, right-click it and click 'Restore'.

If you have emptied the Recycle Bin or used deleted actions that bypass the Recycle Bin, Windows removes the references to the files but deleted files stay on your hard drive for some time. You can restore deleted files using special data recovery tools until they are overwritten with other files.

How to restore files deleted with Shift+Delete?

Even if you emptied the Recycle Bin, used Shift+Delete or some other delete actions that bypass the Recycle Bin, it is possible to restore deleted files using a restore files tool.

What you should do to increase the chances of file recovery

As Windows doesn't immediately overwrite the space of deleted files, you have some time to recover them. But every computer activity decreases the chances to recover deleted files as the contents of deleted files could be partially or completely overwritten with other data. It is very important to stop writing data to the drive where the deleted files are located since every new file (even small) may overwrite the deleted files you need to recover.
Also the chances of recovery depend on the hard drive's free space - the less free space you have, the sooner your deleted files will be overwritten.
In case you need to restore files on the system drive, you should immediately stop using the computer in any way to avoid computer activities that may directly or indirectly write new data on the system drive and cause overwriting the deleted data. You should close all running programs (including programs running in the background), disconnect the computer from the Internet or a LAN, avoid installing new programs (including restore files software) on any drive on the computer as in this case the system disk will be used indirectly

Useful tips to restore deleted photos

Have you deleted pictures from your computer or memory stick by mistake? Don't worry you photos haven't gone forever. There is a possibility to restore them. The deleted photos will stay on your hard drive or memory stick for some time until they are overwritten by other files
When you delete photos from a memory card, SD card or your computer, the pictures are not deleted instantly. This operation removes the references to the deleted pictures and the system marks deleted pictures space as free space. This free space could be used to write new data but it takes some time before deleted pictures space will be partially or completely overwritten. To increase the chances to recover deleted pictures, you should stop all activities that might cause new data to be written to your memory card or SD card. Do not save any new pictures on your memory card or SD card as it may cause data overwriting.
If you deleted photos from your computer using the Windows 'Delete' option, most likely your deleted pictures were moved to the Recycle Bin and you can easily restore them.

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